No Discount at Kmart for People Over 50

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Well folks, it looks like is in trouble.  So many people are reading our blog, including Kmart (representing Sears Holding Management Co.) lawyers because we got a letter from them electronically and a hard copy delivered by FedEx today.

It seems, in our post Do you know about the Discounts for Baby Boomers dated Feb. 28, 2012, we included Kmart on a list of retailers who give a 20% discount for people over 50.  Well, I’m not sure if tons of folks were flocking to Kmart as a result of our blog post, but somehow their lawyers found out about it and wrote us a letter stating that:

1) We must remove the incorrect information from the website- DONE

2) Print a correction or retraction on our website to inform our readers- DOING THAT NOW

3) Provide them with the source of this misinformation, and any other  print or electronic media outlets to whom we have given this info, so they may similarly inform others of this mistaken information-DONE

So fellow baby boomers, we apologize for the misinformation to you and to Kmart and hope you will continue to read our blog anyway and shop at Kmart.



3 thoughts on “No Discount at Kmart for People Over 50

  1. I found the info in Mensa magazine. So, you can rest assured that you guys are not the only ones that are being fed the false information. If the discount is false, Kmart needs to find out where the media is getting the info and get to the source, instead of just picking on the ones that are taking it to the public.

  2. No reason to hide sweetie. I haven’t walked into a Kmart store in so many years, at least 5 or 6. Glad you are being read with such a degree of precision. Oops is great, Kmart? Not so much. I guess it depends if there aren’t other stores in the community, because if there are, Kmart doesn’t quite have the draw. I must say your photo is quite attractive. If that’s you hiding, you are looking fine doing so!

  3. OUCH!!!! I haven’t tried to get a discount from them because of reading Oops–so there–maybe they just found the report on Oops and acted. The good news is folks at that level are reading Oops!!! Maybe they would like to advertise?!!!

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