My African Adventure: Part III

I’m back home, safe and sound, so I thought I would just give the highlights of the trip.  I’m still a little jet lagged, so bear with me if I repeat myself.  The pictures, by the way, come courtesy of my photographer daughter, Josie!

1) Seeing a mother warthog with her 3 babies:

2) Seeing a herd of elephants rolling in the mud under a hot, hot sun at Madikwe Game Reserve:

3) Watching the sun set at Tuli Game Reserve while elephant shrews and lizards ran around the rocks at our feet:


4) Visiting the little town of Serowe, with its fabulous museum that features a room dedicated to the life of novelist Bessie Head, as well as great exhibits about the Khama family (rulers of Botswana over the years):

5) Seeing a leopard—a very rare sighting—out for an evening stroll and watching lions drinking at a watering hole:


6) Catching a mother and baby rhino in our spotlight on our night drive through Khama Rhino Sanctuary

7) Playing “Categories” with my girls while waiting for our afternoon safari drive at Tuli, while a monkey stole our opened can of tuna fish!

8) Realizing that we probably weren’t going to die out in the wilderness, even though our 2-wheel drive rented car was having considerable difficulty navigating the sandy roads at Khama and the rocky, potholed roads at Tuli

9) Hearing about the incredibly lucky Australian girl who survived a broken bungee cord at Victoria Falls—and realizing that Becky was now not going to try that jump herself

10) Cooking outside at Khama, while scurrying away a pesky hornbill who was determined to peck away at the windshield wipers on our rental car

11) Buying Mopane worms at Main Mall in downtown Gaborone and watching Josie eat one

12) Taking a cold shower outdoors, under a full moon, at Tuli

13) Driving on the left hand side of the road, on the right hand side of the car, and surviving!

14) Never getting tired of the sight of a giraffe’s neck looming above the trees


15) Exploring Dubai airport with Josie and napping together in a “Snooze Cube” (which you can rent for an hour or two of much-needed sleep)

16) Realizing that every zebra has its own unique pattern of stripes

Note the giraffe’s head in back!!

17) And, ending our trip in Holland, with our wonderful family and incredibly delicious Dutch food!


7 thoughts on “My African Adventure: Part III

  1. Glad you had that opportunity Jane!!
    What a journey.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing adventure.

    Miz Rize

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