Master Class Book Review and 1st Ever Oops50 Contest


I’ve got two things to tell you about – First, we’re having our first ever blog contest and because we’ve never done this before, (and in case we screw up) we’re offering two options to win a new book hot off the press.   Master Class: Living Longer, Stronger and Happier, by Peter Spiers is a book written especially for us baby boomers.   Master Class is a road map for active and creative retirement, and one day, I know I’ll be needing it because I will be officially retired.

First, I’ll tell you about the book, and then about the contest.

What makes this book interesting is that it is supported by scientific research in psychology and neuroscience (and we boomers love research).  Spiers is highly qualified to write this book with a long list of credentials starting with Harvard University, and currently Senior VP at Road Scholar, a non-profit dedicated to adult learning.

Have you figured out when you can retire?  A school teacher friend of mine was over last week and told me she could retire at 65, and that meant 5 more years.  She explained to me how much she loves teaching but is so burned out, she didn’t think she could do it for much longer.  Well, after looking at the age chart on the social security website, she found out, much to her horror, she can’t retire until 66.  How about you?  Retirement is going to be longer for us boomers than it was for our parents.  How long is it?  Well, that depends on you.  In fact, in 1985 there were only about 5500 centenarians in the U.S., but in 2010, that grew to 70,000.  And, by the year 2050 there will be about a million centenarians, and I hope I’m one of them.

To age well requires a plan, but not just any plan, a Master Plan.  We can’t just leave it to happenstance like our parents.  That master plan will help us achieve a rich, brain healthy, and active life.  Spier’s book outlines four requirements for positive aging:  Socializing, Thinking, Moving, and Creating.  For those of you who like systems and charts to track your progress, you will love this approach.  The goal is to generate 100 credits a week.  Here’s a brief shot at calculating points.

Activity Socializing Moving Creating Thinking
Learning an instrument 1 1 2 3
Bicycling with friends 2 3 0 1
Studying a foreign language 2 1 2 3

Too bad, I’m not retired, because I’m generating way more than 100 credits a week, but unlike hard cash or calories,  we can’t bank credits for our future.  I’d love for you to read the book yourself and tell us what you think.

So here’s the contest:  Since the publisher has graciously offered us two book give-aways for our Oops50 contest – we’re offering two ways to win a prize:

1)    Do you have a retirement plan?  Send us your retirement plan in 250 words or less, and we will post the winning entry and send you the book.

2)    Second option, have you written a poem or essay about ageing?  What about a painting or photograph with ageing as the theme?  If so, send it to us and we will post the winner on our blog.

Entry Deadline:  September 26, 2012.  Send all entries to:   Please link the contest to your Facebook page, send a tweet, and help us promote the contest.   Winners will be notified By Oct. 1 and prizes shipped directly by publisher.


One thought on “Master Class Book Review and 1st Ever Oops50 Contest

  1. Retirement plan begins with each person paying themself first on payday. Let’s say you put $10.00 a week in a bank account, 401 plan or like public employees have a 403 plan. Many people work for a company that will match some amount when you save in their plans. But for a person who just takes that $10.00 to a bank each week this is what they would have in 30 years.

    Now if you put $10. away each week – for 52 weeks that = $520. a year. That amount over 30 years would equal $15,600.

    This is less that we put away for our retirement (we retired in 1993) and today with what we saved, plus the small amount we get for Social Security we are just fine.

    We also don’t have 2 cars, buy things we don’t need and drink coffee made at home.

    So you all think that $10.00 is a small amount, well try to save something for you retirement.

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