Jane’s World: Week Four


I’ve been hanging back, avoiding writing,  because I was afraid that people might be getting bored with my progress, so I was completely encouraged again by the wonderful comments after my last posting.  Thank you, all of you!  I really appreciate it.

So, here’s the deal:  I had my weigh-in last night, after four full weeks of liquids, and I’m down a total of 25 pounds!  How incredible is that?  And the time has flown by, with minor, occasional moments of total obsession over a piece of shrimp with a chili cream sauce.  I confess, I’ve decided that it’s better for me to have one bite of something that is driving me nuts than to sit and lust over it all night!  That’s worked well so far anyway.

 I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs a jump start back into a reasonable body, so that they can face the long, hard work of losing a significant number of pounds.  My total goal is 80 pounds, so I still have a long way to go, but I can already feel the difference.  I have energy.  I feel light on my feet.  (I can see my feet!)  Life is good. And, thrill of thrills, I got to add energy bars to my program this week–one a day!  You never tasted anything quite so good as a peanut butter protein bar after a long day of shakes.

Last night’s group discussion was about balance, which seems to be the theme for my life this year.  We were told to take a circle and think of it as a typical 24-hour day.  Then, we were to divide it into 2-hour sections and write in our typical daily activities, separated into 3 categories:  productivity (work, errands, volunteer work, housework, etc.), self-care (hygiene, pampering, spirtuality, reading, sleep, etc.) and relationships (family, spouse, kids, friends)–using a different color for each group. It was pretty shocking to me to see my wheel, which I have tried to recreate below.  Blue is my color for productivity; red is my color for self-care; and yellow is my color for relationships.  It depressed me to see how much time each day I’m spending on work and on ‘being productive’.  I felt ok about the hours I’m spending on “self-care,” especially since the majority of them are in sleeping, with a little exercise starting to creep in now.  But it did me in to see how little time I”m spending on the relationships that matter to me in my life.  There is hardly any yellow on the chart!  It really made me decide to try to step back, take notice, breathe, and change things.   I recommend trying out this chart for yourselves!  It’s amazing what you’ll learn.



7 thoughts on “Jane’s World: Week Four

  1. Lisa, the package lists nonfat dry milk, fructose, calcium, canola oil, natural and artificial flavors, salt, and then a bunch of minerals and vitamins. It says it’s made up of 27 vitamins and minerals and is “nutritionally complete.” I know that each shake has 150 calories–so I have 6 a day to have enough calories for my height. One of the reasons the program is worth it, however, is that you have a doctor’s supervision the whole time–so they make sure that you are not losing weight too quickly or too slowly–and they monitor your exercise as well–plus there is the great support you get from the group doing it with you. I know it’s expensive, but I think it’s worth every penny. Jane

  2. I’m exercising–and this week we got protein bars to munch on–and I’m feeling great–and we have labs every week, for the doctor to keep tabs on us. So I feel really good about the program. Thank you, however, for your concern! Jane

  3. I admire your persistent hanging-in-there attitude and joy of joy your weight loss is showing it! You have come this far, keep up until you reach your goal.

  4. So happy that you have lost the lbs. I did this a few years back and lost very quickly a lot of weight and nearly lost my life ending up in the hospital…..so be careful and ask that they incorporate a few more items for you to much on. Are you doing any exercises – like walking, etc? I wish you the best.

  5. I did Weight Watchers for 7 months and lost 20 pounds. How much more fun to do it your way. I’ve not lost what I learned and while I quit WW I still employ their tactics and it works well. I too allow myself bites of what I’m obsessing over. I’m getting ready to start a new more aggressive approach. Don’t think I could do what you are doing, but I sure would like to lose the next 20 in the next month. Wow. Can you spell out exactly what is in your shakes so one can create them without paying the hefty fee for joining???

  6. You are a superstar! I am so proud of you. Now tell us just how much the program costs. I could stand to shed 25 lbs. easy!

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