I Now Do Plumbing But Please Don’t Call


Saturday, I gave myself a big pat on the back. I fixed a clogged sink and my garbage disposer. Yes, I did.

For me, owning a home is like owning a car, and I probably shouldn’t.  I don’t like fixing things, spending time learning how to fix things, and I hate reading instruction manuals.  Changing a light bulb is about all I want to do.  You see, I grew up in a home with a dad who had his own business and when he was home, he did not want to fix things.  He called the plumber, the electrician, the snow removal guy, carpenter, landscaper, etc.  And when I lived in an apartment in DC for twenty years and there was a problem, I called Raul, the supervisor.  He fixed things, and I tipped him.

My husband is kind of like my dad, he calls people to fix things.

It all happened on Saturday when my friend Ginny Nadler was visiting from Cleveland to promote her Structural Re-Alignment workshop in Asheville.  She brought her Vitamix with her because she makes a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.  We were cutting up fruit and tons of green veggies and put too many stringy stems down the disposer and clogged the sink (I don’t garden so I don’t compost).

“Call the plumber,” Len yelled.  Have you ever tried calling a plumber on Saturday?  They don’t answer the phone.  But, Roto Rooter makes house calls 24/7 for a fee of $165.  I gasped over the phone, and the plumber must have sensed my disbelief so he suggested I go to the Roto Rooter website and read the instructions to fix it myself.

I admit, I was very skeptical about undertaking this task.  My husband was advising against it while Ginny encouraged me to try.  After a little debate, my husband had no choice but to bring up the wrenches (which I had never used before).  So, with the laptop on the kitchen counter, the bucket under the sink, and Ginny reading the instructions very slowly (at least 3 times) I did it!  I fixed the garbage disposal and the sink is working again.

Thank you, Roto Rooter.

Under the Kitchen Sink

11 thoughts on “I Now Do Plumbing But Please Don’t Call

  1. Now this is the kind of blog that U enjoy reading! As a divorced woman, I, too have learned to fix many things myself. I now even own a tool box and I am proud of it!

  2. Sal,

    I bet you can fix your disposal if you watch a video on how to do it and have a friend near by to cheer you on.

    Marcia, the answer to my stooping is 25 or more years of yoga. And, it never too late. I have a friend who started at 70 and she is now 89 and doing just fine.

  3. OK Annice, after reading your post, maybe I should try to fix my (not working) garbage disposal. It does not even hum when I turn it on. Don’t know about this will have to look at that site. Thanks and great job.

  4. Annice, I’m amazed that you can still stoop like that & get up to talk about it, let alone fix your plumbing !!! LOL… You’d have to call 911 to get me standing after that position for any length of time… I’m really proud of you. Oh by the way, are you for hire ???

  5. Annice, you are full of amazements!!! If had taken a bet I would have bet “no way would you try to do that!” Well, you did and aren’t you the proud one!!

  6. Annice – You go girl! You should be very proud of yourself! I loved the photos.

    Yes, Marie and Ginny, being single and $$$ have a way of making us very handy indeed. Anyone need drywall work?

  7. Annice, I am truly proud of you! And your post makes me want to get a VitaMix. I didn’t think I wanted another appliance, but I think the green drink in the morning is the way for this Sadhvi to go.

  8. Annice,

    I’ve been single on and off over the last 20 years, and I always found it a very helpful to figure stuff like this out! I’ve changed out parts in toilet tanks, changed pipes under my sink, replaced faucets … and even changed my own oil once!

    Congratulations on your plumbing success!
    Itty Bitty …

  9. Yes indeed, tough decision-making moments for sure. However the dollar signs pretty much straightened us out and into the abyss under the sink went Annice. I must say that while we were delving into the unknown it was most gratifying to resolve the issue easily and most effortlessly. A great lesson. As I traveled back to Cleveland by car, I watched a man changing his flat tire. I remarked to myself and my dog in the back seat, “Oh no, please do not challenge me with that opportunity for spiritual growth right now! Luna, my Golden Retriever, at the computer reading directions while I crouched down would not be quite the same support!

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