I Did A Really Stupid Thing


Oops.  I did a really stupid thing.  I was driving around doing errands on Saturday when I looked into the rear view mirror and saw how ghastly my hair looked.  I was in the middle of a hair emergency without an appointment.  I haven’t been happy with my stylist lately, and in fact I’ve been shopping around.  I’m tired of paying a lot, and not being satisfied.  All that to say, I ended up driving to the nearest cheap hair salon I spotted on the highway, and walked in.

After all, aren’t all the stylists in those kind of places recent grads who know the latest techniques?  Aren’t they just working at these cheap places to get experience, build up a clientele, and move on?

I walked in.  “Hi, can someone cut my hair now?”

Behind the desk, the receptionist, sporting a great haircut, looked up.

“Sure.  Give me your coat and take a seat.  I’ll get Terry (not her real name).”


Sitting in Terry’s chair, I looked around.  The place was dumpy, looking like the low-end salon it was.

Out walks Terry smelling badly from cigarette smoke.  Her face was covered with deep wrinkles and when she smiled, she was missing a few teeth.  I won’t bother to detail the many different colors of her hair ranging from burnt orange to caramel.

OMG.  I had a sick feeling in my stomach as I sat in Terry’s chair, a prisoner, held hostage by my own stupidity.  It was too late to turn back.

I tried to imagine the best case scenario.  Maybe she was a recovering addict from NYC and came to the mountains to get her life back together.  She wouldn’t be the first.  Or maybe she was a super stylist from NYC.  Anything was possible.

“Is that a natural curl?” she asked.

“Yes, and I happen to have a photo of the cut I like in my wallet.”  I handed the photo to Terry.

She looked at it for a second.

“No problem.  I’m great with curly hair, been cutting hair in Asheville since 1994.  Raised four kids as a single mom cutting hair.”

“Ever been to New York?”  I could only hope.

“Never been out of Asheville.  Never had the desire.”

“Never.  Not even for a visit?”


“Nope.  I’m gonna  cut your hair dry.  It’s the best way to cut curly hair.”

I knew that was a fair statement and such technique existed, so I did not argue with Terry.

Chop, chop, chop.  Terry cut away until I was left with a short pixie.

“What do you think?  I think that looks about right.”  Terry picked up the photo and held it up to the mirror next to my image. “What about color?  We use a very good color here.”

I could not speak.

“Would you like to schedule your next appointment?”

“Next appointment?  Oh, well, I won’t be needing a next appointment until April – 2013.”

9 thoughts on “I Did A Really Stupid Thing

  1. Uh, Oh! Most people think that if you have curly hair it is soooo much easier to cut. WRONG! My sister and I go months and months without a haircut until we can afford to pay the $100 that our Deva Cut stylist charges. So for about 3 months or more my hair looks pretty bad but then I have it cut and I’m such a happy camper.

    I don’t spend money on a lot of things, but the hair business….now that’s a different story. The only good thing is that it does eventually grow back.

  2. Thanks girls for your words of encouragement. Betty, next time TN.
    Lisa, please send your piece.
    Rize, Paula and Sadhvi- glad I could make you laugh, what else can we do at times like these?

  3. So fun to read this Annice as I’m sure we can all relate to your experience, I know I can, actually a few times until I finally learned!

  4. I’ve been really lucky when I walked in off the street to places, but then again I never found a smoker with burnt orange hair… How come you didn’t trust your instinct? That doesn’t sound like you? There is a happy medium between really expensive and no thanks, I’ll cut it myself..

    It’s a good piece… I wrote one called A NEW LOOK when I had a total stranger cut my hair on the sand under the pier in 89. I’ll try to find it and send it to you… miss you! I think you look great!

  5. tsk, tsk!! You know you shouldn’t go without me! You’ll carry it off in great style however – you look fabulous whatever the cut – but I love your thick, curly locks.

  6. OMG…Annice, I am laughing but not at you.
    I remember when I did the same thing driving through
    Jacksonville, Florida.
    same scene, except it was a guy. I heard the snip chop snip chop until I could stand it no longer.
    I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry. I was bald! OMG! it was aweful. LOL next time I’ll pay attention and curb my impatience.
    Just know it will grow back, fast I hope, mine did.

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