Happy Holidays to our Readers!

We meant to get this in here before Hannukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa, but then the Holidays were, to quote Jane’s Uncle Jack, “at our throats,” so we didn’t quite make it, but we are determined to post for the New Year to say how much we appreciate all of you who read our blog and give us your support.

Three of us, Jane, Sadhvi, and Annice, recently celebrated the Holidays together and raised a glass to all of you, our readers, our friends, our fellow women over 50 with something to say.

We also shared dinner and this incredible chocolate dessert at Isis restaurant in West Asheville and couldn’t resist showing you a picture of this little bit of heaven.

 Happy, Happy New Year 2014 to All our Readers!!!

isis triple chocolate dessert


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays to our Readers!

  1. And thank you to all three of you for managing such a wonderful forum for all of us to share and learn from.

    2014 WILL be a fantastic year!

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