SadhviSez: Feeling Overwhelmed with it All!

SadhviI don’t know about you, but I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time these days. Could it be menopause? Could it be that the planet Uranus is right on top of my Sun? Could it be that there are just too many ways to communicate, and most of the time they don’t work, or no one gets back no matter how I try or which of the wonderfully advanced methods of “staying connected” I use?


Or that my brain is too full, trying to remember who only gets email at their home address, or who only answers text messages, or who doesn’t get cell phone coverage on their iPhone to even get their emails or messages? Or even, who doesn’t respond to anything any more! It’s funny, in this age where the whole hype of social media, and how to be connected is all that people talk about–as if it’s a game to see who has the “latest” gadget–I am becoming more and more disinterested in staying in touch with “friends”.

The truth is, FaceBook was ok when I had a hundred or so friends, but now that I have almost 300, I cannot keep up with what is happening with them all. And frankly, I don’t even care.

I don’t think I will be getting a smart phone any time soon. I really don’t want to take pictures with my phone: I have a really good digital camera that works fine. And I don’t want to type emails to anyone with that ridiculously small keypad. I have a computer with a keyboard the size that I have been typing my whole life on and feel comfortable with. Why change if I am fine with what I have? And why would I want to send and receive text messages? If I want to chat with someone, I can email, pick up the phone, or if I really want to take a little vacation from my day, I can actually sitdown and write a letter or send one of the many beautiful cards I have collected over the years, or even one of my own hand-painted cards.

Here is a little clip for those that dare see where we are going, or should I say, where some people are going – because I may just stay where I am, with the technology that I have.

P.S. Oh, if you feel like it, I would really like to know where YOU are with all that is available to us and costs a small fortune, I might add! Are you trying to keep up? Have you decided that you are ok with just a computer and a cell phone too?

About Sadhvi

Sadhvi's trying to find the balance in life over 50 without having any surgery, taking any pills, or killing anyone. She doesn't want to look or feel the way she felt when she was 20 or 30. Trusting that everything is really OK unless you think about it helps her make it through each day. Also realizing that nothing can be done, and, that nothing matters really helps. Gardening (and weeding), poppies and flowers, painting on things, baking, and sharing on Oops50 helps to make it all right too.

16 thoughts on “SadhviSez: Feeling Overwhelmed with it All!

  1. I will never keep up with all this new technology… Why? It’s simple, because I value my $$’s too much! I do have a cell phone – for calls only. I also have a computer (my 2nd Apple since 1991). I use it to find our history of our family. Our grand kids all have the newest phones, but the don’t bother to call grandma or grandpa. What a loss. Pictures – we never get any mailed to us via the USA mail. What a loss. The world of tomorrow will never see any old paper photos of the family or even know what a paper photo is. What a loss!

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  3. Dear Sadhvi, I was so glad to read your
    comments and feel so in tune with you. Thanks!
    It is like a whirlwind taking more and more
    speed and momentum….
    I have been longing for a slow down, me the dreamer!!
    Yet just at the center of the cyclone, nothing happens, but I got to be right here, in Presence so to speak… a split second away and the whirlwind takes hold of me….

    I need a lot of time alone… and in nature…

    And yes.. I am overwhelmed and have a hard time
    to feel trusting, happy, contented and positive.

    Feels good to share this.

  4. Hi Janice,
    Oh, just so you know, it might not be as easy to drop out of FaceBook… or should I say, “delete your profile”. I tried it, and kept getting emails hounding me to “rejoin”. Even trying to make me feel guilty by using “friend on FaceBook”, saying that they “missed” me.
    Let me know how it goes.
    Good Luck!

  5. Thank you for this great and timely post. Things are moving way too fast. And if you aren’t overwhelmed, you may not be paying attention. I’m playing along with most of the progress–have even tried Facebook, but may drop out and stop worrying about people not commenting on my status updates.

  6. Thank you Sadhvi!
    I am still in the “Stone Age” of all this so called progress on communication – my computer system is still dial up, so I can’t even watch YouTubes (much too slow). Do I care?- not really! Too much stuff out there (most of which is not of any interest to me at all) but not enough real commuicating out there. Seems a lot of people have lost the art of concentrating, listening and focusing. I guess that’s why they call them bytes- I prefer the whole meal!
    I still pick up the phone (yeah I don’t have a cell phone either) most of the time to talk with friends, but I do use email and surf the internet. I also still send paper birthday and other holiday cards to friends and family.
    I can’t even imagine wanting to read a book on the computer. I still love sittng in my comfy chair with my morning coffee or sitting in bed snuggle up under the down comforter at night and reading. Well I may be a dying breed but I’m fine with it.
    Time spent in the woods is more important than time spent Facebooking, Twittering, I phonong Apping or whatever comes next!
    Just be happy and healthy.

  7. hi pinky,
    i await your call on my wonderfully soothing rotary dial phone. no waves of anything going through it hitting my overwhelmed brain matter!

  8. hi tosh,
    i am so glad that you got a chuckle out of the post. i picked up a friend of mine last night and the minute she got in the car, she was telling me that i had to slow down! that i had to stop! i believe she was genuinely concerned about my well-being after reading the post. i felt like i had dipped my legs up to the knees in the cool stream of “everything fast and furious” after reading your comment. you are, as always, the one that can make me feel more content and relaxed…

  9. hi hilarie,
    yes, that was the start of the new age of feeling overwhelmed for me too. i think it was back in 1990 and i had just come to the states for a visit. all i wanted was my regular crest toothpaste, and i spent a long time trying to find it. like too long. nowadays, i don’t go shopping much. there are just too many things to buy and too many choices!

  10. love this post! thanks, I guess it’s just a more complicated version of standing in the grocery store aisles with a gazillion choices for cereal…. I just go the the few that work for me and leave it at that.
    Love to you, and yes I do like that HARK add there on the left!

  11. You’re too funny, dear friend! I just received an email alert on my phone that my favorite communicator has just posted a new blog post. (If I had missed the email alert, no fear, I would’ve picked it up via your RSS feed.) I dropped everything to read it. Your post shares a great YouTube video. I’m able to interact with you instantly via comments. This is wonderful! I love hearing from you! Yes, it’s all overwhelming. It’s going to get even more so. The trick is to treat it like a river. You can never experience the entire river, but you can nourish your soul by dipping your feet into its refreshing coolness once in awhile. And then you just let the river flow on, as it would anyway. Lots of love to you!

  12. Good Morning ol’ pal!

    You are soooooo right on! You expressed EXACTLY what I have been saying! I’ll call you, the old fashioned way later. For now, thanks for expressing my sentiments. I posted it on my facebook site (if I did it correctly, that is).

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