Farmer Nancy on K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

I consider the following to be a public service announcement.

For those of you who know me (Jane, this means you),  you know that my household consists of a large number of canines and consequently a lot of that soft-white or brown-tufted stuff known as dog bed stuffing.  Most of it comes from the inside’s of Costco dog beds–because I figure, why put the money into it when, as soon as I’m out of the room, deconstruction begins?  I usually hang onto the beds for as long as possible, restuffing them, only to have to repeat the process in a few days.  I’ve even sewn them up, but that seems to bring out the challenge of “Who can shred that precise area the quickest?”

Nancy in College

We were once even lured by a 30-day guarantee to try a better brand and pumped more money into a couple of impressively large beds, but apparently the dogs read the guarantee–since the corners were breached just past the guarantee period.  For a long while, I have had three large beds lying like beached whales in my bedroom, awaiting their fate.  There is too much good material to throw them away, but in their current state they can’t be used.  The dogs don’t seem to care, taking over the couch and pushing their way into the recliners.  Recently, we even put a twin mattress slated for the dumpsters on the kitchen floor to give ourselves some reprieve from jousting for a place to sit.  At times, there have been 10 dogs in the kitchen.  Don’t judge me:  they are family.

Enter K9 Ballistics.  With a name like that, came hope, and I must say, they have delivered.  Their motto: “If the dog eats it, we do.”  They will send a replacement cover in the first 90 days after purchase, if the dogs chew it.  We got two beds from them, and so far, so good.  The material is sturdy, the loft impressive. There is no zipper–just a velcro opening on the bottom of the bed.  The price is reasonable, and, at times, one of the largest beds fit three spooning dogs.  I have hopes that the dogs are forgetting the joys of shredding, so I am going to buy replacement covers for those sad beds in my bedroom.

AFTER: K9 Bed!

Finally, a product that lives up to its name.  Here’s their website:

Check it out.

Here’s one last look:

"You're Doing it Wrong!"


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  1. Nancy,

    I had the same issue and finally had them made when my dogs were already 9 years old and too tired to tear up the bed. However, I’m getting a new puppy in March and will certainly purchase one of these beds. Any interest in coming to Brevard to see this amazing Chessie litter? We can have litter mates.

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