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 Even though it’s 19 years too late, and even though it probably won’t make a bit of difference in the big scheme of things, it still makes me completely and thoroughly happy that attorney Lillian McEwan came forward to talk about what a scumbag Clarence Thomas was when he was her boyfriend—how he loved pornography and talked all the time about women’s breasts.  It’s especially gratifying, considering that Ginni Thomas, the poor fool who is married to him, recently sent a voicemail to Anita Hill, asking her to APOLOGIZE for all those mean, bad things she said about her husband all those years ago!  

 Lillian McEwen dated Clarence Thomas before he was nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

 Lillian McEwan, photo from CNN, Larry King Live Show. 

I’m a woman over 50 who has been stewing over this for years.  And I have a feeling I’m not alone.  If you are like me, you probably watched the hearings (I was glued to my television)  and felt trampled on by the final decision.  You suffered with Anita Hill.  You could not believe that your country could allow a man like that to become a Supreme Court justice. You wanted Anita Hill to rise, shining from the hearings instead of put down.  You saw the awful underside of American politics that still didn’t offer an equal place to women at the table, and you wished you hadn’t seen it.  You wished that someone like Lillian McEwan would have stepped forward right then, right there, to corroborate Anita Hill’s courageous testimony. 

So, Lillian, even though it’s probably too late to do any good (except perhaps open up Ginni Thomas’ eyes a little more):  thank you!  Thank you for stepping forward and speaking the truth, despite your loyalty to this man who was your one-time boyfriend.  I’m sure you must feel better now.  And you have certainly made a lot of us feel better.  Even if it accomplishes nothing else, it gives a little kick in the gut to the man who pretends to be deserving of those robes he puts on every day. 


 The whole thing has made me wonder what provoked Ginni Thomas to send that voicemail message.  Some people say she was just trying to create a diversion from the focus that has come lately to her tea-party work against Obama administration policies.  But I’m wondering if it’s something more:  could it be there is trouble in paradise?  Could it be that she is starting to suspect some truth in Anita Hill’s statements, and she is desperately trying to hold onto her belief in this man that she has trusted all these years?  Something must have gotten under her skin to make her want to get just one more piece of validation—so she can keep smiling at his side, keep being a loyal wife.  I’d love to hear back from our readers on this.  She sounds to me like someone who is seeing a little bit of grey in her black-and-white Teaparty world, and it doesn’t sit well with her!  Isn’t it ironic that her voicemail—instead of provoking what she must have imagined would be a sobbing apology, brought only righteous indignation from Anita Hill and a whole new tsunami of doubt about Clarence.  Keep thinking, Ginni!    


In the meantime, thank you, Lillian!  

And God bless Anita Hill!

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  1. Thanks Jane. Like you, I’ve been stewing all these years, too. As I remember it, it was the good ole boys of Congress defending one of their own because it could have easily been so many of them on the committee. No names here as some of them are dead – may they rest in peace.

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