Covered Perfectly

Annice dressed in Covered Perfectly
Annice dressed in Covered Perfectly

One of the things I love most about our blog is meeting incredible women over 50 who are constantly creating something new in their life.  I love my baby boomer generation – we just never stop innovating.

One such woman is Pauline Durban, who discovered Oops50 and reached out to us about her company, Covered Perfectly, an online retail store selling fashionable tops for women over 40.

Pauline Durban
Pauline Durban

A native Brit, Pauline, moved to California in 1992, and decided to launch her company 21  years later  (at the age of 57) to respond to a forgotten market – women who want cute and stylish clothes that actually fit them and not their daughters.  And, at the same time, covering parts we would rather not reveal. Without going into too much detail, you know what I’m talking about.

I will admit, before looking at the website, I was skeptical. Clothes for women over 40?  Surely they couldn’t be talking about me.  On the other hand, clothes shopping just wasn’t as fun as it used to be.  I mean, how many long sleeve varieties could one department store sell?  And don’t get me get started on shoe shopping.

I am pleased to say that I agreed to wear and review one top from the Covered Perfectly store.  I told Pauline it was risky, because I was going to be honest.  “Fair enough,” she said.  For starters, the choices were amazing.  I chose a silvery gray top that feels like silk on the body.  I wasn’t sure about the right size but followed the instructions on the web, and when my top came, it fit perfectly.  I will definitely order more. 

Open Collar
Open Collar

Launching a business at any age is challenging and exhausting.  I applaud Pauline for being innovative – focusing on women over 40 and getting it right.  And that’s why we so love the Brits.

5 thoughts on “Covered Perfectly

  1. This is a very inspiring story about someone starting a business. It’s a story that I think we can all gain inspiration from, and the clothes look very nice too. I found a number of pieces that I liked.

  2. Annice, thanks for sharing this find. I like that these tops are designed for those of us who are no longer able to go without a bra, and who also like to look good.

  3. If you like them, Annice, I will check them out to see if they are affordable as well as cute. Thanks for the share…it ain’t easy finding nice-looking clothes.

  4. Hooray! Finally a clothing company that understands! I am so tired of clothes that fit in the shoulders but won’t accommodate my batwings or pants that have such low rises I wonder how they stay on even with belts! Shopping for clothes is often torture. Covered Perfectly really fills a void — I wish much success to Pauline and her staff!!!!

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