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This Beautiful Life

3 Peonles
3 Peonles















It’s been a while since my last post, but with family emergencies, work, and trying to figure out the weather to be able to put my garden in, all I can say is, where has the spring-time gone?!

So much has been going on for all of us, that it’s nice to take some time to appreciate what happens all on its own in nature – without us doing anything.

Since moving into our house in 2002, I’ve been watching the way the light moves, seeing what can go here, what would look good there, and now, after all these years, the flowers and trees and plants are happy where they are and are just doing their thing – bringing a pure joy and happiness that makes my heart open.

Believe me, I am not going to enter any contests, nor will I be posting these on the hundreds of sites where I could “share” them.

I can’t handle the crazy things that are going on right now, I don’t want to comment and write about the things that don’t make sense…all I want to do is to share what I see coming up and blooming in my garden.

Enjoy this Beautiful Life.



Oriental Poppy
Oriental Poppy

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I’m Beginning to Feel Old


I have not felt like sharing much in the last month or so…not on FB, not on Instagram, not on Google+, not on nothing.  How about you?  You don’t have to answer that, I was just being facetious.

Lately, I hear the word “awesome” being used to describe just about every feeling, item of food, and life situation that one can experience.  And the other day, I heard my first “Super-Awesome!”, which is how the women behind the counter described a tea-towel with hand-stamped chickens on it.  I mean, it was nice, but it was not “Super-Awesome”!

Maybe it’s the equivalet of the word “Cool” that we used to describe everthing back in the day.  There was not, however, so much positive and prozac-y emotion put into it, and frankly, it makes uncomfortable.

If my generation was low-key, this one is high-strung and often, not there, but still “awesome”.

I am easily annoyed these days, and I think it has something to do with the fact that everything seems to be changing so much.

For instance, I used to enjoy being greeted by salespeople, and to start interacting with them in a fun, easy-going way.  But no one does that these days.  The new way to interact is through “social media”, which to me, is just another way for company’s to sell gadgets, devices, and toy’s to the masses.  That’s about all it is about, really.  We are just consumers in the end, playing “awesome” games, and being hooked to our TV’s iPads, mini iPad’s, smartphones, and sharing everything we got via FB.

I guess I miss relating in the way that satisfied me way back when: in person, on the phone, or in a letter.  Yeah, I am getting old.

I do talk to a lot of younger people, and I am always amused when I hear them say they are “getting off of the gadget thing”, or, “nah, I don’t do FaceBook anymore”, as if they are drugs, which of course, they are.

Despite all the changes and Grand-T conjuctions, and the U.N. saying that it’s either clean up the planet or die, well, I do take time to feel grateful for things in my life, as crazy as it feels to me.

If nothing else, it makes me feel more vulnerable and small and human.  And since I don’t have to worry about going over my minutes, or recharging my device to feel that, I like it.  In fact, it’s awesome. 🙂

Take a look at the video…try it, you’ll like it.

The Swiss Way to Make a Good Soup


There’s nothing like a blizzard in Spring to make me want soup for dinner.  My favorite weatherman Ray said we would get snow flurries with high winds all day and night, but being the type of guy he is, he didn’t come out and say, “OMG. This rare and deadly combination is coming straight for us, and there’s no where to run!!!”.  Thank you Ray for just reporting the weather.  And Thank You Dear Jesus for making the sun shine all day today, with the bluest sky, and melting all the snow.  Amen.

I learned how to cook while living in Switzerland.  I love just about everything Swiss, including the food.  Quite possible my favorite sweet treat is a nice Linzertorte…and the easy recipe for that is right here.

Those Swiss are so practical about everything!  There are packets already made up with the five vegetables needed to make a delicious soup in every grocery store.  They even put a bay leaf or two in!  Just these 5 vegetables give such a  flavorful and satisfying soup that there is really no reason to vary it, it’s the best soup base – period.  Try it and I know you will agree.

I chop up the onions, and put them in the bottom of my pressure cooker pot with a few turkey necks, or chicken wings or legs (to get that full flavor of the bone marrow) while I’m cleaning the leek, the carrots, chopping the celery root up, and the cabbage.  It’s all getting nicely carmamelized, while I add some salt, some pepper, a couple of bay leaves, and water.  I always add a spoon of vinegar too, to help bring out the marrow (you don’t  taste it in the end, by the way).

After about 20 minutes or so, the soup is ready to eat, and so are we!  A few large pieces of bread, a glass of wine, and it’s a very nourishing meal.

I hope you are enjoying the thoughts of the spring, and the longer days and light, because they are…I can feel it!

Swiss Soup Vegetables
Swiss Soup Vegetables



The New Normal, the Oscars, and, I’m Happy!

post 50 women

Have you noticed how a LOT of people are really into their smartphones these days?  I just got back from Las Vegas, and it was just so weird to see how many folks with their heads down, not relating to the people around them, but deeply into something apparetly very important on their phones.

While walking, waiting in line, eating dinner with other people…it feels not only weird, but sad.  It seems as if the need to escape the moment is so strong.  But wait, isn’t the moment all we have?

Being the curious type, I wanted to see what a table of 3 young men were looking at on their phones while eating.  They were playing games.  Oh, I see.  You’re on vacation and you are sitting with your father, or maybe it’s your grandfather, and you are playing a computer game.  No really, I get it, gaming is so much more important than actually relating.

The most curious thing was that the older man was just sitting there.  I guess it is just enough to be around the younger generation these days because you can’t say anthing: it is their New Normal!

women baby boomers

Watching the Oscars last night with a group of girlfriends was interesting too.  There were some questions that came up during the night, like, how old is Kim Novak, and did she have an accident or just really bad plastic surgery?  Instead of chatting around the group, there was one woman who had her smartphone with her, or should I say, “smart ass” phone, since that’s what these women were calling it, and she would find out the answers.  But while I found it kind of cool, since I haven’t been around this kind of thing before, it was also odd.  I was glad when Eileen spoke up at one point and said, “Hey, I kind of like having some mystery and discussion about things, don’t you all?  I had to agree.


I had to stop and realize that I am from the time when there was more relating, people didn’t talk so fast, and there wasn’t SOMETHING to do every moment!  And while things ARE changing, and there are things that I don’t understand, it’s OK.

I will close with my favorite song from the Oscars, which did not win.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter, ‘cuz I’m HAPPY.

Good Music. Bad Music. And Porn.

post 50 women

There’s always been bad music out there, like just about anything from Captain & Tenille, Barry Manilow, and I’m sorry to say, Tony Orlando and Dawn.  But there always was really, really good stuff to balance it.

I recently watched a clip of older folks listening to Eminem, the famous rapper (see below).

Then I happened to see a clip of Beyonce and her husband have sexual intercourse perform, and then I started to think about good music, bad music, and porn.  I just don’t get what is so great about all the porn involved in the music scene these days.

Take Miley Cyrus:  seeing her perform is like watching someone in a strip club.  I just read that on her latest tour, she does this little thing where she simulates fellatio on a man in a Bill Clinton costume.  It’s kind of like, it’s cool, it’s awesome, but really, it isn’t.
Then there’s that clip of Kanye West with Kim Kardashian doing the wild thing on a motorcycle.  I mean, I know they are rich and have a ton of fans, but is it really awesome to be such an exhibitionist?  I mean, do their fans really like to see them having sexual intercourse being intimate like that?

women over 50

The shock factor is what sells, and you know, looking back, Elvis “the pelvis” Pressley was not allowed to be filmed below the waist because his gyrations were too suggestive.  Then the Beatles were really shocking with their long hair.  Of course Madonna was definitely a performer who shocked us but made us want it more too, so I guess it’s all her fault.

I just went through my CD mixes and am listening to  “The Something Good Mix” right now, with songs like J.J. Cale’s, “Magnolia”, Eric Clapton’s “After Midnight”, The Talking Heads “Burning Down the House”, Leonard Cohen’s “Secret Life”, and that one that I love from Dire Straits, called “On Every Street”.

Now that I got my fix of good music, I’m good and I feel one with everything again.

Peace. Love. And Thank God I grew up with good music 🙂