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Sadhvi Sez: Bello Heals with Paradise Music


I’ve never wanted children or babies, or dogs or cats.  What with the gypsy life we led with no plans to settle down anywhere, it was a good thing that we both felt the same way.  We wanted to be in India, near our Guru, and we worked hard to be able to do that for years.  We were also so in love with each other that we didn’t want to share our time with someone else, even our own kid.

Then on Christmas Eve about 10 years ago, he called to say that he had a puppy.  He sounded so excited and I wished that I was.  I told him to put it back on the shelf and walk out the door.  No he said, it was a rescue from Madison County and it looked just like the dog that he had when he was taking care of the cows in the Swiss mountains.  I told him I was too busy with work, and he was too busy with roasting chestnuts on an open fire.  Who would take care of this new pet?

It turns out that “Bello”, our beautiful dog, was the best thing that ever happened to us.


We’ve gone on walks together for over 10 years now, and when “Bello” ran after that skateboarder a few weeks ago, and he was on the type of leash that stops at a certain point, he flipped over and damaged both of his back knees.  He has been having a difficult time walking since then and he cannot go on walks until he gets better.  It’s hard to see him limping and not his usual frisky self.

I threw out the leash (and suggest that you do the same if you own one) and decided that it just isn’t time for “Bello” to leave us.

I looked online to find some place to buy healing music, since “Bello” has listened to classical music since he was a puppy.  He was a biter, chewing up underwear, hand-knit wool socks, toilet paper, etc.  After a short time I found out that he mellowed out with music after his morning meal/walk.  He seemed to like YoYoMa a lot, especially the Bach CD.  He doesn’t like heavy metal music at all, by the way.

I found a site that has this huge selection of great music called Paradise Music.  Do you know about it?  The selection is pretty amazing (er, I mean, AWESOME!), with music for beauty, for sleep, for healing, and even for dogs.  I ordered the Relaxation Music for You and Your Dog, and also the Healing Gold.  They cost $12.95 and that even includes shipping, which was fast.

You can sample the CD”s by clicking, a feature that I like.

Paradise Music also has these greeting cards that are so cool, with a CD inside.  I got a few of those to send for Birthday’s.

They only cost $5.95 which is a great price since they are beautifully made and include a CD.

“Bello” has been listening to the Paradise Music CD’s for a week now, and I think he is getting better.

I hope to go for a walk with him sometime soon.



Wedding, Vacation, Gourmet Food Truck Lot, Old Friends, and New Puppy – Life is Good!


Only a few weeks ago, I wrote about how overwhelmed I was feeling.  Well, actually, I’ve posted on that subject quite a bit.  In fact, it’s a pretty common theme these days with us baby boomer women.  But, after spending ten glorious sunny days in California, I feel somewhat renewed.  No whining for me for a while.  I guess more vacations are in order.

My nephew’s wedding at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon was beautiful as was his bride, Noelle.  Her family came in from Hawaii and it was great meeting them as well as their Bernese Mountain Dog, Walter, who was actually in the ceremony.  What an event.  My sisters and I rented a cool house in Santa Monica for the week, and although we didn’t always agree on little things like what bread to buy for the house, or which coffee is better, it was wonderful spending time with them.

Brad&Noelle&Walter&soon to be Owen

In Santa Monica we went to a cool flea market with wild stuff, stuff I don’t see too much in Asheville, like tons of vintage clothing and art deco furniture. Then my nephew took us to the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot where we feasted on Lobster Rolls, Peking duck tacos, and even curried fries.  Yummy.  Then, there was the Getty Museum which I had never seen, and how lucky was I to stumble up on a Vermeer exhibit?

Once the festivities of the wedding were over, I visited two friends I hadn’t seen in years, and what a treat that was.  One friend took me to the Shoah Foundation (founded by Spielberg) after Schindler’s List where I discovered my dad’s s cousin had given a four hour interview/testimony about her experience in Auschwitz.  I will write about that separately, when I can process that experience of just listening to her and what happened to many members of my family.


To end on a happy note, we finally got a puppy.  After losing both our dogs several years ago (you remember, Gus and Carli), we found our dear little Chesapeake Bay Retriever from an incredible breeder only 40 minutes from our house.

Terra and Favorite Toy

So, let me introduce you to Whiskey Creek’s Terra Cotta – 11 weeks old.  You’ll be hearing a lot more about Terra in posts to come.  She’s pure joy – well almost.  Still potty training her…

Rescue Dogs


I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again:  “I’m never looking at the Craigslist pet site again.”  This time I mean it; I really, really mean it.  I used to view it daily and found myself so anxious about the impending fates of the animals that I finally weaned myself off it.  Then my husband would randomly send me ads for dogs he knew I’d like–Chihuahuas, Goldens, Collies–or dogs that he’d like–Chesapeakes, German Shepherds, Great Danes.  I found myself late at night, when I should be going to bed, taking a peek, while trying to avoid opening those heart- rending pleas for the shelter animals on Death Row. 

That’s what I was doing last week when I saw it:  “Senior Pekingese, please help, time’s up next Tues.”  I looked.  I had to put down my own senior peke, Yoda, last May. 

 I figured I had four days to think about this, no, to worry, obsess, and fret.  I told myself I had lots of dogs, not that you need another one, but what’s one more? 

As I left to go to my farm in Hillsborough, I warned my husband that I might be driving to Lillington on Monday to get a senior Pekingese.

On Sunday night I dreamed about it.  At first, the peke resembled a cute puggle and wasn’t a problem, but later it morphed into a young girl, and I have no idea what that means.  I got up Monday and checked Craigslist to see if there was an update. 

There was a post: “This little guy deserves to live out his remaining years in a loving home.  If someone will please pull him for me and deliver him to Raleigh, I will pay you back.”  I was encouraged: people were paying attention; he was going to be saved.  I emailed the person, suggesting she call the shelter to see if they had a transport available and asking for an update.  Of course, I never got a reply and upon thinking about it, it seemed to be a post I’d seen before, more of a cheerleader than a serious interest in the dog. 

The shelter was open from 1-4 on Monday, and the ad had said that those not adopted would be euthanized first thing Tuesday morning. 

I map-quested it.  It was a good two hours away.  I kept refreshing the site, hoping I’d see a change of his status.  After all, that senior dachshund got a home. 

My daughter encouraged me to call the shelter.  It sounded hectic there.  The dog was still available.  I tried to ask if someone could call me if somebody adopted him before I got there but was cut off.  “We can’t hold any animals, first come, first serve.”  I could tell I should just get on the road, and my sweet daughter declared she was going with me.  I cleaned out a crate and put a soft towel inside, and checked to see if I had Frontline.  The plan was to get him, and if we could get back to the vet before closing, to leave him there for a bath and worming.  We hit the road.

We got as far as Durham and checked the website.  “Mom, he’s been adopted,” my daughter said. “Hey, we’re in Durham, want to go to Costco?” “Sure,” I said.  I felt relief…happy for the little guy.

I came home and checked my email.  From my husband, a link to a Chesapeake he’d inquired about,  asking if I thought she would get along with the pekingnese.  A second email, telling the breeder he’d have to talk to the “boss” about it.  He doesn’t get it: I’m torn by the excess animals; he’s talking to the breeders who, in some respects, create those excesses. When Jane asked for suggestions to better the world a few months ago, I asked that all breeders stop for a year.  Give some of the already created animals a chance! 

There is a rescue for just about every breed out there, even the Westminister Dog Show champion, Banana Joe, the affenpinscher, has a rescue.  Rescue dogs may be a little frayed around the edges, but they’ll love you just as much.

Me… I’ve learned my lesson.  Stray dogs will come to me, that much has been proven. I don’t need to go looking for them on the internet.

Introducing Our New Blogger and Friend, Elaine Robinson Beattie

Elaine Robinson Beattie

So I pondered night after night on how to introduce myself to you.  I finally decided I would begin with the present and work my way back.  Most people describe me as a creative, energetic, a self-starter, and a highly motivated visionary and entrepreneur who loves the Lord.  I am also well known for my gift of hospitality, a field of work I enjoyed for over 25 years.  In short, I would say I am called to love, lead, create and serve and I do this in various ways with the various roles and positions.

Having turned 53 last June, I find myself now newly married for the first time, a daughter with 2 siblings, a business owner, corporate coach, health leader, community organizer, workshop facilitator, speaker and friend.  This is what I do.  And yes, I’m part of the baby boomer generation.


So what do I believe?  Most importantly I believe in God; I am a woman of great faith and hope.  I believe people are basically good and that we are all born with at least one gift that allows us to be prosperous.  I believe in love, a deep passionate love of family, friends, and our life’s work.  I believe in support, coaching, teamwork, lifelong learning, mentors, diversity, girlfriends and REST.  In fact, I hope to be known as the Queen of REST.

I love God, my husband  Chuck  aka Dr. Blues, chocolate, spa-ing, brownies, traveling, girl movies, fine hotels and resorts; dining with friends, life changing sermons, dancing to great music, a good spy series , great conversations with fellow visionaries, and last but not least, I love to pray and to relax with my sweet dog, Ella Fitzgerald Robinson Beattie.

Ella Fitzgerald Robinson Beattie.

I hope to connect with you on many levels.  I will be sharing my thoughts on my favorite topics: leadership and faith.  I hope to be a carrier of goods news and encouragement.  In fact, just call me Elaine, the midwife of hope.  This is perhaps a good place to pause until next time.  Always remember these words: “I surrender, I win!”


Farmer Nancy on K9 Ballistics Dog Beds

I consider the following to be a public service announcement.

For those of you who know me (Jane, this means you),  you know that my household consists of a large number of canines and consequently a lot of that soft-white or brown-tufted stuff known as dog bed stuffing.  Most of it comes from the inside’s of Costco dog beds–because I figure, why put the money into it when, as soon as I’m out of the room, deconstruction begins?  I usually hang onto the beds for as long as possible, restuffing them, only to have to repeat the process in a few days.  I’ve even sewn them up, but that seems to bring out the challenge of “Who can shred that precise area the quickest?”

Nancy in College

We were once even lured by a 30-day guarantee to try a better brand and pumped more money into a couple of impressively large beds, but apparently the dogs read the guarantee–since the corners were breached just past the guarantee period.  For a long while, I have had three large beds lying like beached whales in my bedroom, awaiting their fate.  There is too much good material to throw them away, but in their current state they can’t be used.  The dogs don’t seem to care, taking over the couch and pushing their way into the recliners.  Recently, we even put a twin mattress slated for the dumpsters on the kitchen floor to give ourselves some reprieve from jousting for a place to sit.  At times, there have been 10 dogs in the kitchen.  Don’t judge me:  they are family.

Enter K9 Ballistics.  With a name like that, came hope, and I must say, they have delivered.  Their motto: “If the dog eats it, we do.”  They will send a replacement cover in the first 90 days after purchase, if the dogs chew it.  We got two beds from them, and so far, so good.  The material is sturdy, the loft impressive. There is no zipper–just a velcro opening on the bottom of the bed.  The price is reasonable, and, at times, one of the largest beds fit three spooning dogs.  I have hopes that the dogs are forgetting the joys of shredding, so I am going to buy replacement covers for those sad beds in my bedroom.

AFTER: K9 Bed!

Finally, a product that lives up to its name.  Here’s their website:

Check it out.

Here’s one last look:

"You're Doing it Wrong!"