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Oops50: A Shot at Haiku While ThruHiking the Appalachian Trail

Me and Cheryl

My name is Peggy and I’m writing to ask you to help support my friend on an adventure. Cheryl (trail name “Clinker”), will fulfill a dream to hike the entire Appalachian Trail beginning on her 63rd birthday, April 5, 2013. I know you don’t know her, but Cheryl is an inspiration in so many ways to so many women.

Not only will she be hiking the Appalachian Trail keeping to ultra-light backpacking guidelines, but she also plans on photographing her journey and writing haiku to accompany the photographs.

The Appalachian Trail

When she returns, she will be hosted by the National Center for Nature Photography for an exhibit of her work.  She also plans on using the images and her journaling to make presentations to others, especially other women, on ultra-light guidelines.

She’s using the crowd-funding site Kickstarter to help with the expenses for this creative pursuit and I’m asking you to help by contributing as much or as little as you feel by December 17th.



Here is the link to find out more:

Thank you for your support!






Nice People Behaving Badly?


One of the newspapers delivered daily to my home is the WSJ.  Oddly enough, I don’t read it for the Money and Investing section but the front page news.  I also enjoy the marketing and technology trends, recipes, and the wonderful week-end section.  And, I usually let the papers pile up and read a few at a time, making the news outdated.  I don’t care, it’s always interesting in the present moment when I’m reading it.  One article, last week, that raised an eyebrow had to do with baby boomers.

Securities regulators and prosecutors are battling what they say is a nationwide surge

in investment fraud against baby boomers.  In many cases, the victims pursued risky bets to

overcome losses suffered during the

financial crisis—a trend that regulators say is worsening. 

Wall Street Journal, December 14, 2011

I'm not home!

Now that’s scary.  I always thought it was  “old people” who got suckered into scams.

Is my generation that gullible?

Well, it seems some of us cared about our future and that makes us vulnerable.  It also forces some otherwise good people to behave badly.


I got somewhat scammed myself recently.  I hired someone I knew for a small remodeling job in my kitchen (cabinets and a concrete countertop).  I paid her a deposit after I paid her in full for the finished cabinets.  I’d like to mention she asked to be paid in full when the job wasn’t even complete, and I did.  Then, she made samples for the countertop and after 8 – I could not approve one of them.  Nothing popped out at me, and I got tired of not having a countertop for weeks on end and honestly didn’t think after 8 tries, she could produce a good one.  So,  I decided to go with granite – something she did not do.

I apologized for not liking the samples and asked for my deposit back.  Well, this friendly remodeler basically told me to f—off.  She claimed the samples cost money and she bought the materials (concrete) already and I had to pay for that.  I went back to the contract which did not say I had to pay for samples or material in advance, or that the deposit was non-refundable.  To end the dilemma, I offered to split the deposit with her – for her troubles – and she basically said to to f–off.

Judge Judy

I’m guessing if the remodeling business was booming, this contractor would give my deposit back, but in this economy she’s behaving badly.  I informed her I was going to file a complaint in small claims court because I can’t afford to lose that deposit, but she doesn’t seem to care.  Now I will let a judge decide our fate.

What would Judge Judy say?  Is this a case of nice people behaving badly?

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