Care-giving for Husbands and Dogs


Just when I thought my care-taking days and nights were diminishing, life decided otherwise.  For starters, my husband’s surgery to pin his hip back in place failed, and ten days later he was back in the hospital for a full-blown hip replacement.  While I know this is a very common procedure, it doesn’t mean it’s easy or pain-free, not to mention what it’s been like for moi.  This time, the doctor recommended home health care, and thank god for Care Partners (and drugs).

Care Partners is providing quality nurses, physical therapists and even an occupational therapist who come to our house for support and care which is not only needed but greatly appreciated.   But, it’s a slow recovery, and my husband hates being dependent on anyone, even me.  And he won’t let me insert a photo of him doing his physical therapy, claiming he has privacy issues.

And for those of you who asked about my sweet rescue, Gus, I’m happy to report that his anal infection is practically gone and he’s doing much better thanks to the very expensive auto-immune drug treatment he was on for thirty days.  Now, he/we have a new problem.  Well, it’s not entirely new as he already had a bad knee (ACL) so, you can imagine the beating his knee took while being severely constipated and forced to squat to do his business.  This all happened while Len was in the hospital, and I had to actually help Gus (all 85 lbs. of him) get up and down despite the customized dog bed I had made for him and Carli.  Thank you Kathleen for making such cool looking beds for both my dogs.     

In between Len’s surgery, I found myself scurrying home to help Gus go out and then finally taking him to the vet – very difficult getting him into the car.  The doc gave him a stronger anti-inflammatory (short term because it could damage the liver) and after 2 days he was improving.  Now he is back to himself and Len is home and I’m exhausted.

And just when I was feeling sorry for myself, I turned on Dr. Oz (daytime T.V. is quite an experience), and  on that particular day I saw a short piece about a young mother who has three (NOT 1 but 3!) autistic children.  That certainly put it all in perspective for me.

6 thoughts on “Care-giving for Husbands and Dogs

  1. Annice–Its OK to feel sorry for yourself for a while–you have earned that right no matter if someone else has it harder than you do–you have suffered and that is all that counts. Now, when you want to feel better, lets go out for a glass of wine!

  2. Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement. Much needed. @Diane, I will check out Paul Krugman – he’s a good writer and thinker.

  3. Damn. That’s tough stuff… My mom was in the hospital for two days… and by the end of the 2nd day when I busted her out… I was real glad to face a day of not having to run. Caretaking is so difficult and so many have to do so much of it. I hope tomorrow all your local sisters treat you to a fine one for your birthday. You deserve only the best! You always gave me your best and in my book, you are unforgettable. Gus and Len are so lucky to have you. Doesn’t that mean they’ll both chip in to buy you a spa day?

  4. Annice, I’m so sorry you all have had a rough winter. I hope things ease up for you in the spring. Hang in there!

  5. I’m glad I read to the end. I suggest that you read Paul Krugman on the New York Times site about the children of Texas. If a woman having three children (why?) moves you and puts in in perspective, how about lots of the poor little creatures?

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