BP Oil Exec wants his life back, please!


You know, I tried the Twitter thing.  I just couldn’t get into it posting “tweets” myself, but I do have some very intelligent and very interesting friends who do.  Here is one that is worth sharing: 

The “tweet” reads:

BP CEO Tony Hayward: “I’d like my life back.” http://goo.gl/SLOA  World’s most clueless CEO?

After reading this I had to conclude that this BP CEO Tony Hayward is kind of pathetic.  But not as pathetic as how the BP Oil Catastrophe is being handled.  Or the loss of wildlife and animals and dolpins and human lives and the livlihood of millions of people or the beauty of the Gulf.  Tony Hayward, why don’t you go down to the Gulf and the oil that is starting to hit the shores and the beaches and help clean up this horrendous mess.  You could get back to your villa in France quicker, instead of just wishing it were all over!

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  1. There are many methods for extracting oil from tar sands and tar sands don’t always exist on the surface, such as in Alberta Canada where the sands are too far below the surface for open pit extraction.

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