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Just do it!!  I know everyone is sick (pardon the pun) of hearing about health care insurance reform by now, but this is the time.  Please continue to make your voice heard, and email and fax your congressmen/women and senators.  There are all kinds of red herrings out there – from illegal immigrants trying to steal health care (can you even imagine?) to fears that everyone is anxiously waiting to get a subsidized abortion to envy that malpractice attorneys are licking their chops!  And yes, someone will have to pay.  Again, the question is whom we will pay!!  We must have a PUBLIC OPTION that gives everyone, regardless of circumstances, access to affordable health insurance.  I remain willing to pay for a PUBLIC OPTION that guarantees basic health care.  Please let your congressperson know that you are too!!

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  1. I am all for a public option and total health care reform – so glad to hear other women speaking out. I’ve attended a demonstration and written letters to my reps and the local newspapers – we all need to be heard.

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