Betty’s Beat: Climate Change Moves Millions


In Honor of Blog Action Day 2009

Although my own prospects for evaluating events in 2050 are slim, I am already witnessing the suffering the United Nations and the World Bank are warning will affect more than 250 million people who will be displaced by the year 2050.  Climate change is not the only factor but certainly a major one in the displacement of 4.9 million people in Sudan and in Bangladesh and the Mekong Delta of Southeast Asia, more than 5 million people are living with the constant threat of life-altering floods.  In the United States, coastal land is disappearing at a rate faster than predicted only a few years ago; an entire Indian tribe is planning to abandon its shrinking ancestral Louisiana island for higher ground inland.

This displacement of people is one of many foreboding events forecast for the coming decades due to climate change.  It is thus more imperative than ever that we create good government to ensure a civil society.  We do not have the space – nor the time – to revert to the “wild west” strategy of “every man for himself.”  We really are in this together.  Lots of hard choices need to be made now.  Become a leader and support leaders who face climate change and its consequences with resolve.

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