On Dirty Houses

Dear Johanna,

I can’t seem to get my house in order, and I worry about it because I’m 53 years old.  I should have an orderly house by now!  I’m supposed to be a grown up and all!

Cluttered in Cleveland

Dear Cluttered,

If you really want to be a grown-up, you should clearly get your act together and clean up that house!  Or hire a maid, for goodness sake!  But that’s only if you want to be a real grown-up, and I would question the value of that.  The other option is to agree with me that a truly orderly house is the sign of a sick mind.  Celebrate your glorious chaos.  Relish it!  Revel in it!  If God had intended us to have orderly houses, he would have equipped us with vacuum cleaners at the end of our arms. I look at it this way:  if I can find my way to my kitchen to fix breakfast and to my bed at night to sleep, I’m a success as a housekeeper!


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