Are Women Over 50 into March Madness?


Is it just me or is it because I live in NC where basketball is king that I’m overwhelmed with March Madness?  To be honest, I really don’t care about it.  There it is.  I’ve said it.  I’ve got enough madness in my life, thank you very much.

Another truth, I never even heard about it until I met my husband 16 years ago.  He loves college basketball, and all sports except NASCAR (thank God).  Come mid-March, Madness lives in our living room because we are not a home with multiple televisions, something I insisted on long ago.  That means whenever there is any kind of tournament  (World Series, Super Bowl, PGA Golf, Wimbledon, etc.) the T.V. is on and on and on until I try to convince my husband to go downstairs to his office to watch this Madness on his laptop.  Needless to say, he doesn’t enjoy that AT ALL.

When I can no longer endure the basketball game in our house, I politely hand over the Sennheiser wireless headphones (which I highly recommend)  to  my husband before muting the T.V.

Sennheiser Headphones

When I question him about all this basketball, he thinks I’m crazy.  “Everyone watches college basketball this time of the year,” he assures me.  Really?  I’m pretty sure most of my friends don’t watch it.  I’m sure if I had sons who played basketball I’d be more interested.  Don’t get me wrong, I admire, even envy the talents of super athletes and their victories.  Who doesn’t like to see their team triumph?  But two weeks of basketball?  So, I’m asking, how many of you are really into all that March Madness?



13 thoughts on “Are Women Over 50 into March Madness?

  1. Hannah, You are right about watching less TV. Right now I am in the living room with MY laptop (not my husband’s) while the final game is on. I hope for your mother’s sake, Butler wins. I won’t be staying up to see the end.

    For the record, I don’t knit (although I’d like to learn) and don’t bake cookies much.

  2. Well Annice,

    Thank you for further exacerbating heteronormative gender stereotypes.

    If you are truly that discontent, maybe watching less television altogether (or turning to a more reliable news source online) would solve your problem. Plus I’m sure you could bring your husband’s laptop into the kitchen while you bake cookies or knit or whatever.

    And chances are, readers did notice Nancy’s comments since her name is actually possible to pronounce.

    – Nancy’s daughter

  3. Not that anyone noticed but I have to correct myself, it is Brad Stevens who is the coach of Butler not Brad Davis who was in Midnight Express. Just got Moonwalking with Einstein to try to alleviate these memory glitches. Must read faster…

  4. Count me in on the other team, Annice! I love March Madness, and this year was wonderful as my Arizona Wildcats (yes, I’m a U of A alum) knocked Duke out of the running. I only wish they’d made those last two baskets to edge out UConn and make it to the Final Four. I’m looking forward to watching Butler and Kentucky – and hoping we have a Cinderella Team win this year’s championship.

  5. Oh please, have none of you seen Brad Davis, the coach of Butler? The cinderella story of last year and here they are again in the final four. I only follow the heels during the season but I find the games during March Madness thrilling. Butler had lost at one point with 2 seconds to go and then WON! Amazing. I have to say in full disclosure, my dad played for the heels in the 30’s and I dated a player for 8 years but I missed all the Michael Jordan years, I think I had a baby or something. Sorry, I say go for another TV Annice or google Brad Davis.

  6. My solution for all your gals who don’t like sports – get a TV just for you. To me I enjoy having long conversations with my husband when WE are watching any sports. I do have my shows I like to watch and, yes we have 3 TV’s in our home….so I can also enjoy my shows. I still can remember being a Cleveland Browns fan and having no husband so….when I got free tickets I took my 6 yr old son. Good memories. So this March madness has me keeping a chart and cheering on my team, but also being with the man I love.

  7. Not only do I not care, BUT, when they take over the TV and push out the FEW good programs and the news, I am SO-O-O annoyed!!! Have you noticed that WLOS gives up their news time at the flip of a sports event? Gr-r-r-r-r.

  8. Cathy and Janice. thanks for confirming I’m not the only one. And, by the way, husband watches dancing with the stars, too. As you know, they always have an athlete, skater, boxer, football player, race car driver AND they usually win.

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