Americans Are Obsessed With Challenges

I'm so challenged

I spent the last two weeks at home with a terrible case of bronchitis.   Too sick and contagious to work, I vegged out on the couch and spent my time watching daytime T.V.  Now that’s an experience, especially for us baby boomers.


I watched the last episodes of the Oprah Winfrey Show, lots of Dr. Oz (both shows are great for women over 50); morning talk shows; afternoon talk shows; The Lifetime Channel; The Classic Movie Channel; and of course all the commercials – and there are many.  All this shows led me to the discovery that our country is obsessed with challenges.  Why? I ask.  Isn’t living life itself challenging enough?  Why do we have to break it down?  Give it a name? The media is so good at seducing us with “challenges” and the products we need to overcome them.  Here are some of the tempting challenges even I contemplated while lying on the couch.

  • The weight loss challenge (by far the most numerous) I was particularly drawn to the Dr. Oz challenge to reboot your body in just two weeks!  He also has the ultimate anti-ageing challenge, and the sleep challenge, too.
  • Jillian Michaels fitness challenge
  • Dr.Phil’s family weight loss challenge
  • Here’s one I like, it’s twofold: anti-ageing and it will give you a new career while going to Botox school:
  • Suze Orman has the ultimate financial challenge, plus  mini ones where you can save $100/mo:
  • The teeth whitening challenge sponsored by Arm and Hammer:

Well, here’s my response to all this.  Really people?  Just take an anti-depressant and get on with it.


Here's a Dare!


3 thoughts on “Americans Are Obsessed With Challenges

  1. @Marjorie: Thanks for the reality check – we are indeed living our own reality show.

    @Rebecca:I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels tired with all the challenges the media imposes on us. I’m with ya.

  2. And isn’t it something that all the challenges named were ones that were designed to financially benefit the people who suggested them? Challenges always seem like accomplishing work we don’t want to do. Instead of inspiring me I feel tired and handicapped by the odds before I begin. At this age, I name my challenges.

  3. I felt like I had run the 2 minute mile after reading all those
    “challenges”! Sometimes just getting up in the morning and getting on with your life is a challenge.
    I am all for Dr. Oz and Oprah’s last few shows brought tears to my eyes (especially the one where she had the 400 men who she supported to go to Moorehouse College). I never knew that and I was very touched. When will we have the challenge to focus on what is really going on in the world? Say “no” to the Palins and Trumps of the world. We are literally living our own reality show every day as we sink deeper into joblessness, homelessness and personal debt. That’s my rant for the day!

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