Aging Gracefully Around the World…Barbara Hannah Grufferman

There was an article in the Huffington Post recently by Barbara Hannah Grufferman called  Is Life After 50 Different in Israel? Aging Gracefully Around the World.  It’s about women over 50 in Israel–especially their excellent eating habits.  She’s also the author of The Best of Everything After 50.  We found Ms. Grufferman’s post very interesting and just ordered her book and will review it soon.  Check it out!

Barbara Hannah Grufferman

2 thoughts on “Aging Gracefully Around the World…Barbara Hannah Grufferman

  1. Thank you so much for re-posting the Huffington Post piece I wrote! I love your site and have already recommended it on FB and Twitter. And thank you for ordering the book. I look forward to seeing it the review.
    All the best

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