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For all you women who happen to be over 50, this is an invitation to contact us if you are interested in writing.

We invite you (all women over 50) to share your stories and experiences with our readers.  We know that you care about lots of things you would like to share with us, because like us, you never tire of speaking your mind!

And, don’t forget to ask your mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, colleagues, etc. for their stories too.

We all have intriguing and important stories to tell.  We’ll take your article (not more than 350 words) and we’ll edit it, post it, and promote it.  You also need to send us some pictures of yourself so that we see who you are.

Some of our favorite categories are:

The friendships that sustain us, aging parents, how it feels to age, our changing sexuality, your children/grandchildren, cooking, gardening, our pets, relationships, health and wellness, spirituality, menopause, sleep (or the lack of), work, retirement (I wish), starting over, books, films, and of course, if you are inspired, you can always write about death and taxes.

If you’re interested, please email: SadhviSez@oops50.com and she’ll send you the guidelines.

We write this blog to share our stories, humor, and inspiration with women over 50.

In return, we welcome you to share what you are experiencing.  We hope you’ll take the time to get to know each of us and tell us what you think, feel, and believe.  We are not celebrities or the world’s leading thinkers, but we sure think about the world and have an opinion, just like you, about everything!

Annice, Jane, Sadhvi and (sometimes) Sydney



In 1996 at the age of 42 I got married – for the first time.  That means I was single most of my life, despite both significant and insignificant relationships.  I was living in Washington, DC, working at the World Bank and traveling to  Asia, Africa, and Europe.  In 2000 my husband and I decided to leave our hectic urban life full of friends, unforgettable dinner parties, and politics galore, in search of a simpler life.  We headed for the mountains of Asheville, NC and I guess that makes me a Southerner by choice.  I’m happy to say that, tough as it was at first, I’ve  found work and friends, some of whom are part of this new blog we’ve created.



As a woman over 50, I’m always trying to find the balance in my new body with new hormones (or lack of).  I really don’t want to dress like I did when I was 20, or be that young and beautiful young woman I was when all heads turned upon walking into a room.  I don’t want to look or feel anything other than NOW, and I am getting to the point of being of the world, but not of it.

Knowing that everything is OK unless you think about it helps, along with gardening, the surprise of flowers and poppy’s opening, cooking, and painting on all things with colors.

I really like to share my Special Finds in everything from cars to mattresses and bras, to the best recipe for a Swiss Tart, because if there is one thing that I know, it is that trial and error have made me an expert of sorts, on a LOT of things!



I am, first of all, a writer and mother of four nearly-grown children with their own unique personalities.  My husband is an environmentalist and historian, and more importantly, a good and funny man.  I have three sisters, and I had two great parents: a 94 year old father who just died, who loved life and a good game of Canasta, and a strong, loving, opinionated mother who was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat–I wish she could be here to see Obama in office!



I’m excited to share insightful, poignant and fun bits about the wild yet wonderful journey I’ve embarked upon.  Honestly, I’m a nervous ninny right now as I take the responsibility of “representing” us over 50 Divas quite seriously, and more than anything – want to leave you, my sisters, in good and powerful stead.  I hope that you enjoy this site and it becomes the sharing circle that it is meant to for us beautiful women over 50.



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  1. Maryann, did anyone reply to you? We would love to have you submit a sample article! 300 words or less. Also, you need to submit a current photo and short bio. Thanks. Jane

  2. I’m thrilled to find a place to read and share stories with women over 50. However, I’m not clear how to submit a post. And, how to attach the photos that are required.
    Thank you, Noriko

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