Annice: Toni Morrison’s “A Mercy”


If you’d like to give yourself a beautiful gift for under $25, we recommend A Mercy, Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison’s ninth novel.
How a writer can produce such a literary gem in 167 pages is a mystery, and that’s only one of the reasons we love her.
Admittedly, some of her novels are difficult to deconstruct, (think Paradise), yet as soon as you read the first few sentences you will be hooked:

“Don’t be afraid.  My telling can’t hurt you in spite of what I have done.  You can think what I tell you a confession, if you like, but one full of curiosities familiar only in dreams and during those moments when a dog’s profile plays in the steam of a kettle.”

In this tale of mercy, you will meet four abandoned women on a failing farm in the 17th century.  You will journey with these women through the poetry of Toni Morrison’s words.

There is Florens, a young girl abandoned by her mother,  “with hands of a slave and the feet of a Portuguese lady.”  Also enslaved on the farm is Lina, whose tribe was annihilated by smallpox, and Sorrow, who “is a bit mongrelized but will work without complaint.”  And lastly, you will empathize with Rebekka, the white mistress, herself a victim of abandonment.

Morrison’s characters are raw to the core, and we experience their enslavement, love, and heartbreak as deeply as they do.  Their stories are told so artistically that when you reach the end, don’t be surprised to find yourself turning to the first page to start all over again.


6 thoughts on “Annice: Toni Morrison’s “A Mercy”

  1. All I can say about Tony Morrison is that you can never go wrong with her. And regarding the photographer – don’t know whim but when we e-mailed him to see if we could use his photo for free, all he asked is that we link him. We love supporting artists.

  2. I have been hungering for just the right novel and nothing has seemed appealing lately. A MERCY seems wonderfully appealing and I so much look forward to reading it as soon as I can find a copy. Thank you for the recommendation! Also, I love how you credited Morrison’s photographer and linked to his site. Nicely done!

  3. Hi Oops50 girls,

    I am a friend of a friend and I just got the news of your new blog for women over 50.

    I really enjoyed reading the articles, and this one in particular, since I am about to leave to go visit family, and will pick this up at the airport for my vacation read.

    I am not a big “blogger” but will pass this cool-looking site onto my friends.

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