On Modern, Wonderful Things

I am feeling my age lately.  I know I’m over 50–and, in fact, approaching 60–because I’m starting to sound like an older person sometimes.  Here are some good examples (said to my children): “Can’t you turn that music down?  It’s really hard on my ears!” or “Do you all have to stay up so late?  You’ll just sleep the day away tomorrow!”  Or, even better:  “No, I am really not interested in watching that movie.  It’s incredibly vulgar.”  (I don’t think  I even used the word “vulgar” until about the last 5 years!)

That’s the less pleasant side of my little-old-lady-ness.  But there’s also a better side to it:  I take extreme pleasure sometimes in things that we didn’t have “when I was growing up.”  For instance, I still get a little bit of a thrill every time I use my cell phone in the car when I’m traveling.  I think that’s because I remember the days when I would be in some kind of difficulty and would have to search and search and search for a pay phone to get help!  And I get excited every time we use the GPS to find our way somewhere, especially when I think back on the innumerable times we used to get lost in a new town or city–and when I remember my father’s reluctance to stop and ask anyone for directions or my own inability ever to remember the directions that someone gave me from the side of the road!



One of my favorite modern things is the animated birthday card you can send to someone you love from a site like Blue Mountain Cards!  I found one the other day that had dogs barking out “Happy Birthday,” with a little Pomeranian throwing things for a loop at the last minute.  It was perfect for one of my older sisters, who just had a birthday–and has a Pomeranian herself–and I had to stop myself from playing it over and over and over again, just for the fun of it!  I have to confess:  I still have trouble believing that people can really make such amazing things happen on the computer.  Check out their site:  they have some great Valentine’s Day cards, too.  Here’s the link for those cards:


One of my Favorite Card Images

I guess I’ll adjust at some point in the future–at least to the stuff that is around now.  By the time I get that old, however, there are bound to be some new miracles to celebrate.  I heard the other day that they already have fridges that tell you when you’re out of butter and robots that can clean your toilets.  I could get used to that!



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